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Video Producer
Full service video production from concept to completion. The logistics and resources necessary to bring your vision to life
Capture the best, organic or scripted, one take or ten. Discerning eye, commercial quality
Film and Video Editor
Assembling the puzzle, making sure all the pieces fit and the big picture shines
Color Correction and Grading
Style, continuity, and accentuation. When your video and photos match the feel of the content your story and visuals become more palatable
Motion Graphics
Clean animation for logos, product videos, lower thirds, and any asset that needs some pep in its step
Script Writing
Creative or informational, having a reference point to execute compelling concepts leads to a better product. We write and help develop concepts into tangible and feasible story
Gimbal Owner/Operator
When the camera needs to move smoother than Mulberry silk. Rigged for mirrorless cameras to RED's
Commercial to editorial, product to person, photos raw and edited that communicate effectively and inspire emotionally
Sometimes you just need coverage

Years of

Real experience comes with passion and dedication to the artform. Whether you need help concepting, creating or finishing, I'm seasoned at delivering engaging and inspiring video, photo & copywriting.

I’ve had the pleasure of working hands on and hands off in the creation of documentaries, commercials, web content, short films, educational, instructional, events, conference videos, ad copy, biography, portrait, and print. One thing reigns true through it all, what matters most is the content of the story, creative communication and execution employed to achieve the end product. Let’s blend your goals with my craft and create something special together.

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