How does a major nationalized oil company modernize and streamline its operations to reduce waste and downtime, while increasing production value? As editor and colorist on this project we went in depth into the relationship between AVEVA, an industrial automation software company, and ADNOC, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. We wanted to hear from executives, what kind of effect the products and relationships can have on key areas of their business. In order to flow from testimonial to testimonial and hit key points, we scripted sections between interviews and used voiceover talent to bridge the divide. This also allowed us to keep the length of the video down while making sure we tied the story together seamlessly. As colorist on this, I had to match two cameras which both responded to the digital command center screen differently. After matching the cameras I color graded the images to a cooler blue end result which rolled into the shadows. I softened and took the edge off the faces as well as rolled off the highlights and shadows in a way that is clean and less aggressive.

This project has been viewed around 23,000 times on YouTube alone, proving that corporate video production, when well thought out and professional, can bring immense value to the companies that invest in it.