I was honored to be tasked with creating an introduction video to pump up the crowd at the AVEVA World Conference. With the script written by Jeff Horn of Magnetic Creative Agency, I took to the edit by licensing stock industrial footage that matched the nature of verticals that AVEVA automates all around the world. This was exceptionally challenging because the conference screen that the video was to be played on is was 3:1, three times wider than tall. when people capture imagery it is general captured close to 1.78 wider than tall. This means I had to find stock footage where the screen was wide enough that I could “chop off the top or the bottom and it would still make sense visually. Knowing how fast the cuts of this project would be, and how intense we wanted the sound design to be, I was going to need a lot of footage. After a long search, I found what I needed!

With all the imagery ready to be placed and key clips sent to an outside vendor for special graphics, I needed to cut a tight edit that kept people on their toes. I went to my sound library to find deep sounds that I could combine and build on to grab the viewers attention. When the sound hits hard and is cut tight, it helps the viewer feel and engage in the imagery and story more effectively.

When it came to color, it was challenging to create a seamless and consistent look with footage from all different shooters around the world, on different cameras, with different settings, and with completely different baked in color profiles. In the end I went with a deep contrast allowing for dark blacks. I stripped a lot of the color away from the images but generally chose a color or two in each image to remain relatively more saturated. I am really happy with this project and everyone at the event was beyond excited and energized to get the week rolling!