I’ve always appreciated the Spartan events. When I got the opportunity to film one, It was equal parts excitement and awe. The obstacles, the people, the sounds, and the environment, it blew me away in a way I couldn’t have understood before witnessing first hand. The creative juices stirred at the possibilities. In the end I felt the best way to tell the story was through immersive sound design and dramatic clips. I tried to showcase the event in a way that isn’t possible at other venues. Snow Summit resort in Big Bear Lake, California had the main chairlift running which ended up providing a challenging but unique persective to view the carnage. With a RED camera, shoulder rig, and 70-200 f/2.8 lens balanced and ready to shoot, I captured floaty drone like perspectives with a tightened and compressed backdrop. As a run and gun one man band I was also able to captured seperate audio which allowed me to sound design the final product in post-production with realistic and intense sound.

Events are always exciting to be a part of, they are filled with unique opportunities that when capitalized on, share the story that basic news style coverage misses.

Enjoy the show!